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Breach of Contract

Contracts can be confusing, and at times someone may intentionally or unintentionally breach a clause in the agreement.

In such a case, it is important that the party who has breached the contract remedy the breach as efficiently as possible, and the party who has not breached makes a claim against the party promptly.

Our specialist breach of contract solicitors can assist you to make this process smooth, quick, and free of stress.

Where we can help

Contract validity

It may be a case that the contract is not valid due to a certain clause or two or more contradicting clauses. If this is the case, there may be no breach at all as the contract itself does not stand.

We always encourage businesses to have contracts checked over by a legal professional before they sign.

We can go through your contract to see if we can find any flaws in the contract, which is somewhat technical and lengthy process. This is the first step to addressing a contract breach.

Protection clauses

The party committing the breach should identify any clauses in the contract that could protect against the breach. For example, an exclusion clause, which may deem the breach invalid.

These clauses may not declare themselves protection against a breach. In some cases, protection clauses may be drafted in a way which suggests that it does not apply where the contract has been breached.

It is essential that each clause is looked at in detail and analysed in order to be able to use it as an argument against the other side.

Our team will scrutinise the contract and help you to argue your case.

Both parties need to ensure they understand the clauses of the contract. We can assist with this.

Contact us or book a complimentary, no-obligation consultation using our online appointment tool to get started, and find a resolution to your breach of contract.