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We can help to reduce stress and uncertainty during an emotional time with our probate services, which include:

  • obtaining a grant of probate
  • inheritance tax advice
  • estate distribution

Why instruct a solicitor?

You can administer the deceased’s estate on your own as an executor or a next of kin. However, the administration of an estate can be a time consuming and complex process, especially when dealing with larger estates or if there is no Will. You should seek a solicitor’s advice if:

  • There are doubt about the validity of the Will
  • The deceased died without a Will and it is a complicated or larger estate to administer
  • The estate has complex arrangements, such as assets held in a trust
  • The estate includes foreign property or foreign assets
  • The value of the estate is over the Inheritance Tax threshold and has to pay the Inheritance Tax to HMRC
  • There are disputes among beneficiaries

At Shaar Bridge, we remove the burden of the legal work during this difficult time. We will ensure that all the wishes of the deceased are carried out according to the deceased’s Will as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

Contact us or book a complimentary, no-obligation consultation using our online appointment tool to speak to an experienced probate solicitor today.