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At Shaar Bridge Solicitors we pride ourselves in providing expert legal at affordable prices. Where available, we also have the option to provide a conditional fee arrangement (no win no fee) however, this is assessed on a case by case basis.

Transparency on costs is key for us and our competitive edge over other law firms is evident by the high number of google reviews we have attained over the years.

As such, we provide below an indication on our costs for a range of legal services. Please note to obtain more accurate costs you will need to contact the relevant team who will assess your case and provide a clear and detailed breakdown.

Whilst we provide a multitude of services and are an interdisciplinary firm our indication of costs in the following areas of law is as follows;


For uncontested probate applications our fee structure is as follows;

  1. A fixed fee of 2% plus VAT of the gross value of the estate plus all relevant disbursements.
  2. For clients where this is not appropriate we charge at an hourly rate of £200 plus VAT plus all relevant disbursements.

For further information please contact


It is difficult to predict the exact costs in an employment tribunal claim as it depends on the facts of the case however, the fees are as follows;

  1. An hourly rate of £200 plus VAT is charged on all employment tribunal claims with a fee taken of £1000 as monies on account.
  2. If the matter proceeds to trial then Counsel fees are also incurred and these range from £1000 – £2000 per day depending on the amount of days it is listed for.
  3. It is not uncommon for employment tribunal claims to cost anywhere between £10,000 – £20,000 depending on the facts of the case.

It is also important to note that generally in employment tribunal claims each party bears their own costs unless conduct is an issue. This may mean you recover less than your legal fees making you liable to cover the shortfall if monies have not been paid on account. It is advisable to check if you have the benefit of legal expense cover insurance beforehand.

We would advise you contact us on for a bespoke quote and strategy.

Debt Recovery

Shaar Bridge provide a tailor made debt recovery service. It is important to discuss your matter with our team for a clear understanding on pricing however, our indication on costs is as follows;

  1. An hourly rate of £200 plus VAT is charged on all debt recovery claims.
  2. Court fees are payable which increase by staged process up until £10,000 and then a 5% court fee (or 4.5% if paid online) based on the claimed amount is charged.
  3. It is our view that there are 5 stages to Debt Recover;
  1. Letter Before Action
  2. Issuing Court Proceedings
  3. Intervening Litigation
  4. Requesting Judgement
  5. Enforcement of Judgement

It is important to note that Debt Recovery costs especially where the claimed amount is in excess of £10,000 can easily be in excess of £10,000. It is therefore essential to provide as much information at the start of the case to allow our team to provide more of an accurate costs estimate.

We would advise you contact us on for a bespoke quote and strategy.


We do offer fixed fees for the majority of the Immigration work that we provide and these are indicated as such in the table below.  A fixed fee is an agreed fee, which will not be varied up or down, and is not dependant on the application being successful. As set out above, any disbursements or expenses (costs that we incur on your behalf or for the purposes of carrying out our work) are payable in addition to our fees.  In the event of your instructions being withdrawn prior to the submission of the application, the fixed fee, together with any disbursements and expenses, will remain payable in full.

We are extremely proud of our success rate in our Immigration cases and are happy to discuss your case in a free 30-minute consultation.

For further information please contact

Please note the fees are a quote and can be varied depending on the complexity of the matter and the fee earner. The fees do not include disbursements and some fees may not include VAT as this may be applied in some immigration cases.

Application TypeFees
Sponsorship Declaration£100 plus VAT
Application checking service£350 plus VAT      2 hours
FLR Applications 
FLR M950 plus VAT
FLR FP£1500 plus VAT (Depending on complexity of case)
FLR FP Extention£1250 plus VAT
FLR DL£850 plus VAT
Entry Clearance Application 
Adult Dependant Application£2000
Spouse Visa£1500
Children Application£1200
Visitor visa£850
EEA Family Permit£1200
Settlement Application 
SET (M)£950 plus VAT
SET (LR)£1250 plus VAT
SET (O) Tiers (1-5)£1950 plus VAT
SET (O) 
SET DV£1500 plus VAT
SET P£950 plus VAT
Naturalisation (Form AN)£795 plus VAT
Child Registration (Form MN1)£750 plus VAT
European Applications 
Pre-settled Application£500 plus VAT
Settled Status Application£750 plus VAT
Administrative review£500 plus VAT
EC Review£500
Entry Clearance Appeal£2500
EU Family Permit Appeal£2000