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Legal Help for Employees

Have you been dismissed from work? Or do you feel you are being bullied and harassed at work? Perhaps you think the conduct of your employer has been wrong and you have left our work place as a result?

Shaar Bridge Solicitors can help you make a claim against your employer and receive a compensatory award from the way in which matters were handled.

Some common cases we regularly handle are detailed below.

Unfair dismissal

If you have been dismissed from work and you feel this was not for the right reasons or your employer did not follow the correct procedure, you can make a claim against your employer.

To calculate your award for your claim, we would cover your unfair dismissal, loss of earnings, distress and other factors to ensure you get the maximum payment possible.


Do you feel you were incorrectly made redundant and not paid the relevant amount? You can make a claim to the Tribunal. We can assist in ensuring your claim form is filled in correctly and will help calculate figures.


Discrimination at work is increasing and a lot of employees are not aware of their rights. We will help make a claim against your employer and ensure you are aware of your rights especially if you are continuing to work in the same place under these circumstances.

We encourage people to come forward and maintain their rights as employees as we know this can be a daunting process. 

Bullying and harassment

Statistics say that nearly one in three people feel they get bullied at work. Bullying and harassment is absolutely not acceptable, and, at Shaar Bridge Solicitors, we are firm believers in a happy working environment.

If you feel you are not being treated right at work, you can make a claim against your employer. We ensure our clients understand the importance of raising such issues and not letting employers get away with such a thing.

Constructive dismissal

You may find you are unhappy at work because of the way you are being treated or because of the conduct of your employer. Under such circumstances, you feel you have no choice but to leave.

If this is the case, you can make a claim for constructive dismissal.

Did you know: Although there is a cap on how much money can be claimed from an employment tribunal, if the tribunal judge thinks fit, the cap can be lifted, and an award will be made based on the individual circumstances.

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